Friday, 15 November 2013

Miss Annalieza Alternative Model

Today I met the lovely Miss Annalieza. She is a UK base heavily tattooed alternative model, she is very bubbly and chatty chick. This was the first time I have ever done her nails, and I am sure it wont be the last! She is the biggest fan of BLACK and PINK, therefore Black Matte was perfect and we threw some chains and studs ( as I do ).

Here are some of my favourite photo of her.

This is photo of her amazing sleeve tattoo. 

 Miss Annalieza 


Octobers Best Nails

Here are my Octobers Best Nails


 These are Maria Jonhson's new ombre pink and purple and gold mix. 
Super cute design with lace sticker, it works very well with the stripes.


 Sue's winter pink ombre. I used three different colour, a pink that goes into a deep red which ends with black, to create the ombre look I used a sponge to get the effect. You can find tutorials on Youtube .

 Laura fading glitter nails.

 Nicola's yelllow orange and pink mix.

Rhia's deep red leopard print and studs. lovely colour combination.

Aimee's Super bling nails

Maggie's Chanel black cherry. Favourite colour for winter. 

Ellie's mini 3D flowers. This style is base from Glamsusie ( Instagram - Glamsusie )

 Gemma's too Hot Pink for winter. 

Jodie's Roses are RED.

 Bethany's neon yellow black and white. Completely in love it.

Blue Winter.

Ellie Vybz's Supreme Bling. White nails is at top for most wanted nail colour.

Shanice's Matte black and gold. 
 Laura's Red black and Silver mix.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013 is here thanks to Fishee Deisgns

 Finally is HERE!!

I have finally decided to open my own website, I haven't done this before because I didn't think I was ready to show the world my work. However over the last year or so, I have become more confident in my work and who I am as an artist. And not forgetting to THANK-YOU Miss Emily Fisher, as she has worked so hard to put this website and logo together for me. Emily is my lovely artistic client and over time we have become good friends, she is also runs her own pop-up photo booth which she has amazing fun props which you can use to creative beautiful memorable photos